Lifesum: personalized user experience with in-app message surveys

Lifesum is a leading nutrition platform that helps people make conscious decisions toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. By using B.Layer’s in-app messages and surveys, the Lifesum Team has recorded impressive wins engaging both free and premium users. Through the use of multi-step surveys on B.Layer, Lifesum measured a +22.88% increase in users who started a meal plan, a +58.82% increase in users who selected the runner's diet meal plan, and a +294.28% increase in users who selected the eat, lift, repeat meal plan.

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How in-app messages help inspire Blinkist readers and increase engagement

Keeping users engaged with their content is a very particular challenge for Blinkist's book-summarizing subscription service. The team at Blinkist wanted to inspire their users without overwhelming them with too many books to read. B.Layer's in-app messages had an impressive 90% Click Through Rate while these messages also prompted users to consume more content in general. There was a 6.62% uplift in the overall book add rate and a 6.55% uplift in the overall start rate. 

Increasing onX Hunt's push opt-in rate with B.Layer

The challenge was to increase the 49.7% push opt-in rate for new iOS users. Push opt-in is a critical metric as it directly affects every other lifestyle metric, including activation, engagement, and paid conversion. However, iOS users can only see the push authorization once. If this is dismissed, the only way to opt-in again is for the user to turn on notifications in their iPhone settings.

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“Phiture helped the onX team to maximize the effectiveness of key channels, including push, email, and in-app messaging. They helped us build out an effective multi-channel strategy and worked with us to build a strong process around data-driven CRM within our organization.”

- Andrew Burrington, 

Product Manager @ Product Manager

“This was a great first project that helped us figure out and concretize our now ongoing relationship with Phiture. It was also a great success case to show the company at large the influence of CRM in moving important metrics.”

- Mai Tran, CRM Manager @ Blinkist