Why B.Layer?

B.Layer is brought to you by Phiture, the award-winning mobile growth agency and consultancy. We empower CRM teams with all the capabilities of in-app messaging but with none of the complexity.

B.Layer is a no-code in-app message builder. Simply download your HTML in-app message from B.Layer and upload it to your CRM tool, ready to schedule.

Move faster than your product team.

Creating in-app messages from scratch typically ties up coding resources that could have more impact elsewhere, while if teams are siloed, this process can take weeks. 

B.Layer removes the major time drain of coding, testing, re-adjusting, and then uploading in-app messages to a CRM tool.


Create and save templates that follow your brand guidelines using a simple interface.

Adjust anything in the WYSIWYG editor.

In advanced mode, use JS and CSS to fine-tune the style of your message.

Seamless deployment

Our interface is designed for close integration with any CRM tool, making campaign deployment much faster.

No need for your developers to integrate another SDK. Simply download the HTML file you have created and upload it to your CRM tool. Exports from B.Layer work with Braze, Leanplum, Clevertap, and other tools that support inline HTML in-app messages.

Manage your brand and team

Upload your brand's colors and fonts and use them in the editor to create seamless in-app messages.

Add members of your team and manage their access for smooth collaboration.

Explore the full potential of B.Layer with a free trial!